Trial Vault

Making Terrier Trials Easy

  • Enter Trials

    TrialVault stores your terriers' information, filters class lists, and accepts online payments to make trial registration easy.

  • Manage Trials

    TrialVault generates class lists, invoices, and JRTCA results to streamline your trial.

  • Record Scores

    TrialVault allows judges to enter scores and computes winners of heats, finals, and high-points.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Question: I've tried to pay for my entries several times with the "Pay with Card" option but nothing happens although I get a "Payment Successful" notification. What's going on?
Answer: Most likely, Stripe, the payment system TrialVault uses to accept payments on behalf of trials, is declining to charge your card because you've entered your security code or postal code incorrectly. Alternately, your credit card company may be declining to allow Stripe to make a charge. Contact an administrator of the trial you've entered if the problem persists.

Question: How do I register dogs for a trial?
Answer: First, add dogs to your account under the main log-in screen by clicking "add terrier" in the left-hand menu and filling-out dog information. Then, click "sign up" next to the trial you want to register your dogs in. Finally, click the names of of each dog you want to enter to open class-registration forms.